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Meet Dr. Tod McDaniel

Suffering From Health Problems

Staff image holderDuring Dr. McDaniel’s high school years, he started suffering from recurring sinus infections. Every couple of months, he ended up in the doctor’s office and would be put on antibiotics. This went on for a couple of years, remaining a constant battle in Dr. McDaniel’s life. Though he visited numerous doctors, nobody could help.

A couple of years later, Dr. McDaniel was playing football and got a stinger in his neck. The trainer recommended a chiropractor, so Dr. McDaniel went to see if chiropractic would provide a solution.

Finding a New Way

Though the chiropractor’s office looked like a normal doctor’s office, it wasn’t just more of the same. The chiropractor looked Dr. McDaniel in the eye and said, “You’re a mess.” Dr. McDaniel thought the chiropractor meant his neck problem. It was more the dark rings under Dr. McDaniel’s eyes and the mouth breathing from his sinus problems that the doctor was talking about.

“First things first,” the chiropractor said. “Let’s get you out of pain.” When Dr. McDaniel’s neck was feeling better, it was time to work on his other health-related issues. The 12 cycles of antibiotics he’d been through left him with mono because his immune system simply had nothing left. They worked on Dr. McDaniel’s nutrition, and soon, he was well-rested and breathing normally again.

Changing to a Chiropractic Career

Dr. McDaniel had committed to attending Texas A&M University, thinking he would go into medicine. Working with his chiropractor for a year changed his mind, and he decided on a career in chiropractic. After graduation, Dr. McDaniel went on to Parker University in Dallas. He graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1997.

Directly after, Dr. McDaniel and his wife moved to Littleton and opened McDaniel Chiropractic. As Dr. McDaniel began working with patients, he began to realize the importance of movement and nutrition along with chiropractic care. By considering all three elements in his patient care, Dr. McDaniel has helped numerous people in our community get life-changing results. He has done extensive training in nutrition and holds a nutrition certification.

I find great satisfaction in working with my patients. They walk through the door and aren’t feeling their best. Soon, they’re feeling great and functioning better.


Enjoying Littleton As a Family

Dr. McDaniel is a self-proclaimed dorky dad, whose favorite pastime is bugging his kids to hang out with him. He works as their chauffeur to take them to their various activities and events. In the winter, the whole family likes to ski. In the summer, they do a good deal of trail hiking. Dr. McDaniel is happy doing just about anything as long as he gets to be with his children!

Most Insurances Accepted

We’re happy to work with your insurance company and will file claims on your behalf. Call us today to set up your first appointment!

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